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Throughout my twenties, I moved around a lot, from Hong Kong to Chicago, Birmingham, Sydney, and finally Cambridge, in search of study, work, and new experiences. Back in University, I was a confident public speaker, who could present in front of thousands of people at live events. After moving to the UK, I became increasingly nervous about speaking, even in small team meetings.


Looking back, I realized that my lack of confidence was due to my constant concern about what others thought of me. I was afraid of being exposed if I opened up to others, and as a result, I lost my identity, courage, and confidence. I'll never forget the first time I received coaching, which was nine years ago.


I was struggling to rebuild my confidence in public speaking, and my coach helped me to rewrite my stories, explore my strengths, and seek feedback from people I trusted. Thanks to coaching, I'm now confident enough to deliver webinars to audiences of up to 6000 people.


Coaching helped me to discover who I am and rebuild my confidence, both at work and in my personal life. I want other East and Southeast Asian women, especially those going through big life changes, to experience the same transformation.

I love seeing others learning and growing, and that's why I became a certified coach with over 750 hours of coaching experience, partnering with multinational organizations and international coaching platforms. I believe that confidence is an essential part of inner beauty, and it makes us feel good, which positively impacts our overall well-being.

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